How to work together in order to improve child and youth standards


On 21st and 22nd of October, 10 WGPD members together with Secretariat team join the exposure visit in Prey Venge province. Exposure visit was organized together by Woman organization, WGPD member, and WGPD Secretariat, as part of “Strengthening Community Systems for Child Protection” project funded by Save the Children.


In two days participants had an opportunity to hear, learn and exchange knowledge about child right governance and child protection and more important to learn from experience of Woman organization so that they can improve or replicate their work in its own commune.


First day in the afternoon participants were introduced to the project related to child engagement districts and child protection in Peam Ro and BanBong communes. Participants were very interested in the project, so we had a very active discussion. In the afternoon, representatives of Child and Youth club presented their work and key challenges and issues that youth generation is facing with in their province. Participants were really interested to hear how Youth and Child Club succeeded to gain the seat in Commune Council and to increase percentage of Commune council allocated for child issues and social service in general. On the end of the first day we had a field trip and joined the meeting of the Child and Youth Club in one village in Peam Ro commune.    


On the second day we had an opportunity to see how everything what we heard on the first day functions in practice. Half of the participants joined a Commune council meeting and had an opportunity to see how the Child and Youth Club representatives present their issues and participate in the meeting. During the meeting we also heard from Commune chief and other members how they are pleased to have Child and Youth Club representatives involved in the meeting, but also in the community. They also showed willingness to support children and youth in solving their issues and in creating healthier environment for them. Other half of participants joined the meeting of Commune committee on Woman and Children, and learned about their role, their activities, their challenges and successes. 


After exposure visit participants were richer in knowledge about possibilities for active engagement of child and youth in the society; how to establish and facilitate different support groups in protecting child rights and how to establish and straighten the cooperation between Sub-National Government, CSOs and citizens.