Learning how to conduct a scorecard system


27-28 October 2015, Pursat: WGPD has organization an exposure visit to bring its members to visit Community Score Card of Promoting Citizen Engagement into Democratic development (PROCEED)  project of Anakot Kumar organization based in Pursat province. This is a great opportunity that WGPD can bring its member to learn and know the process of the project.

Around 7 participants (4 females) from CSOs in Koh kong, Takeo, Kampong speu, Banteay Meanchey, Ratanak Kiri, Kampong chhnange and Phnom Penh joined the visit for 2 days.


The first day of the visit, all participants including community, municipality council, relevant stakeholders have joined the training on role and services of municipality council to serve the citizens, right and role of citizens in participating with council’s actions, community score card of fulfilling municipality’s role ..etc. These lessons are very important for participant to completely understand of the whole process of the projects.


The next day of the visit: Participants were divided into groups. Some groups visited community to see how they score municipality council’s role and its services and some groups visited municipality council themselves give their score to their services to citizen and make 8-10 priorities problem to be solved. At the end of the meeting, the conclusions is come up with 8-10 priorities problem that need municipality councilors take actions and improves their services.


Objective of the exposure visit:

  1. Learning of the process and how to give scoring on questionnaires of community score card of fulfilling municipality councils’ roles and its services to citizen.
  2. Learning by practicing community score card at community and with municipality councils on how to give scoring municipality council’s role and responsibility.