• WGPD members joint meeting with Secretariat team the exposure visit, 21-22 October, Prey Veng
  • WGPD has organized an exposure visit for its members to introduce them Community Score Card tool, 27-28 October, Pursat
  • Quarterly WGPD members meeting, 29-30 September, 2015 Phnom Penh
 Latest News

WGPD Quarterly meeting

MOI, Phnom Penh: WGPD quarterly meeting on 30 August 2016 brought together 65 WGPD members from 24 provinces and Phnom Penh to discuss about: (1) the progress of IP3-II, ISAF implementation, (2) the government’ plan to integrate social protection into D&D process, (3) Sharing succes stories and challenges around SNDD.




New WGPD Steering Committee mandate for 2016-2018

10 May 2016, Phnom Penh: WGPD has organized the meeting on Selection new WGPD steering committee for new mandate for 2016 -2018 at Governance Research Learning Center (GRLC), Ministry of Interior (MoI)...




Learning how to conduct a scorecard system

27-28 October 2015 - Pursat: WGPD has organization an exposure visit to bring its members to visit Community Score Card of Promoting Citizen Engagement into Democratic development (PROCEED)...





How to work together in order to improve child and youth standards

21-22 October 2015, Phnom Penh:  10 WGPD members together with Secretariat team join the exposure visit in Prey Venge province. Exposure visit was organized together by Woman organization, WGPD member...